Superior Asset Recovery through Industry Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology

Akooba attempts to recover reusable electronics whenever possible and allowed by the customer. Assets that are refurbished through Akooba go through a rigorous process to ensure each recoverable item meets the standards set forth by the original electronic manufacturer.

All items received by Akooba are first tested to see if they contain data storing devices before being refurbished. In the case that they do, Akooba either erases the data from the device or destroys the device entirely as indicated by the client. All refurbished computers that undergo the data wiping process are done so in a manner that meets and exceeds the industry standard NIST 800-88 level of data erasure. The destruction of devices occurs in our AAA-certified Annapolis facility for data destruction. To learn more about Akooba’s data destruction capabilities, please click here.

Once any media storing devices have been removed from IT assets, they are tested for performance and functionality. Our expert technicians then replace or restore components to bring the item to OEM standards. When applicable, assets are imaged in order to add the appropriate software to a device. These items are then tested again to verify performance. IT assets that are unable to be restored are submitted into our electronic recycling process. Please click here to learn more about our Electronics Recycling process.

Once an IT asset has successfully passed the Akooba performance testing procedures, it is separated based on the quality of the asset type and quantity of similar items in stock. IT assets that meet our high standards and are held in large quantities are grouped together and listed on the Akooba Portal, our private wholesale store.

To learn more about the Akooba Portal, please click here.

IT assets available in smaller quantities are listed and sold on as well as popular online ecommerce stores. To learn more about, please click here.

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