Supply Chain Solutions

Full Management Solutions for Surplus and End-of-life Assets through Every Step of the Supply Chain

IT Asset Disposition

Technology-powered IT Asset Disposition services that correctly document and dispose of IT assets.

Regional fulfillment of IT Asset Disposition services.

For when you client needs service outside of your reach, Akooba stands ready to handle any asset disposition service on your behalf. Since 2015, Akooba has been trusted by some of the nation’s largest recyclers to service their customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Akooba’s ITAD services consists of 5 key components:

  • Logistics and transportation
  • Asset management, serialization, and anonymization of IT assets
  • Testing, refurbishment, and remarketing
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Reporting, including detailed information about each retired asset, Certificates of Recycling, and Certificates of Destruction

  • For all material we receive, we check the serialization of devices to guarantee that all documentation of assets are correct. This can prevent a company from overspending on products they do or do not have, accidentally disposing of the wrong devices, committing accidental acts of fraud, and encountering additional compliance deficiencies that may arise from internal or external audits.

    Akooba employs a tracking system that monitors the flow of assets through the asset disposition process as well as generate reporting for its customers. A feature of the tracking system alerts a technician of all assets that have data-containing devices. To ensure that all of a company’s assets are properly managed, Akooba removes all customer data, removes physical and digital traces of who formerly owned the equipment, evaluates material for its resale potential, and recycles nonworking or non-economic assets.

    Akooba provides onsite packing and serialization scanning when requested. Akooba’s programs contain periodic reporting as well as consulting for the best practices when implementing a company’s e-waste program.

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