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Data Destruction

Secure, Reliable, Verifiable Data Destruction®

Secure, Reliable, and Verifiable Data Destruction® equipped with industry-leading documentation and reporting capabilities.

Through its industry expertise, Akooba matches its customers with the right data destruction program that meets their requirements. Akooba offers a variety of onsite and facility data destruction services for the security conscious customer, as well as secure erasure programs, where the customer can benefit from the resale of cleared hard drives.

Powered by our VisiShred technology, Akooba provides video documented data destruction services for enterprises and select industries that meet or exceed all industry, federal, state, and local regulations. VisiShred is a hardware and software system that documents and creates high definition videos of IT assets as they are destroyed.

Akooba can provide shredding services onsite on a customer’s campus or offsite at our NAID AAA-certified, dedicated and secure facility. VisiShred is an optional component for all shredding services.

Additional high-end data destruction services include forensics grade data erasure/ data wiping, pulverizing, and degaussing. Our total destruction, degaussing, and drive sanitization services meet all NIST 800-88 Revision 1 guidelines.

Through our GEM (Global e-Waste Management) program, Akooba is able to offer its data destruction services anywhere in the world. The GEM program consists of a top of the line partner network that allows Akooba to offer our technologies through the best of the business at competitive prices. Companies within the Akooba partner network are carefully selected and vetted through a series of industry audits. By utilizing our full asset management program, companies often completely cover or save on the cost of data destruction through the resale of obsolete or excess IT assets.

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