Secure Logistics

More often than not, logistics is the largest expense in an Electronics Recycling and Asset Recovery program. The packaging, handling, and transportation of materials is an expensive proposition due to the weight and bulkiness of end-of-life assets. At Akooba, Inc., our logistics coordinators specialize in finding cost-effective transportation solutions that both meet the requirements of our clients while minimizing costs. Towards this end, Akooba provides the following services:

  • Freight Management:

Less than truckload shipping (LTL) and backhaul rates vary daily and must be actively shopped to find the best value. Akooba maintains strategic relationships with numerous transportation and freight companies, allowing us to shop for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions that successfully meet the needs of our clients.

  • Enhanced Secure Logistics:

In cases where data-storing devices and other sensitive material must be protected during transport, Akooba can arrange for enhanced secure logistics services through use of a courier, armored transport service, or FedEx Custom Critical services.

  • Onsite Coordination:

Akooba provides onsite services that are supervised by an expert Akooba logistics coordinator. Akooba employees are uniformed and wear ID badges, allowing them to be easily identified onsite. Akooba personnel are specially trained to have the knowledge and experience needed to de-rack and de-install working equipment, and to handle, package, and transport electronics to preserve their resale value. If devices containing sensitive data are part of the materials processed, Akooba ensures delivery to our dedicated data destruction facility for sanitization or destruction.

  • Offsite Coordination:

Akooba can make arrangements for pick-up and delivery if a client wishes to prepare materials for shipment internally. These services are available worldwide.