The AssetTracker tracks serialized computers and other electronic assets in a refurbishing and resale process from the time they are purchased until the time they are sold. Integrates with Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, TechSoup, and many other platforms.

Product Screenshots

Use Cases

For the refurbishing and warehouse side of an electronics refurbishment ("eFurb") business, the AssetTracker provides tools for use at specific points in the refurbishing process. To automate machine specifications capture, the AssetTracker is integrated with SoftThinks, a 3rd-party tool for auditing, testing, and imaging computers and some mobile devices. To ensure machines are refurbished according to correct specifications, there are checks put in place that prevent assets from moving forward in the process until the correct specifications are met on the work order.

For the sales and e-commerce side of the business, there are tools to automate the creation of product codes and SKUs as well as SKU Groups which automates upgrades (to similar specs as defined by rules) during retail order fulfillment.

Product Modules & Features

  • Refurbishing & Warehousing
    • Warehouses & Warehouse Locations
    • Lots
    • Assets
    • Containers
    • Work Orders
    • Product Keys
    • SoftThinks SDS Integration
    • Amazon FBA Integration
    • External Processing Import & Export
  • E-Commerce and Sales
    • Asset Product Codes (SKUs)
    • SKU Groups
    • Sales Order Integration
    • Analytics
    • ChannelAdvisor Inventory Update Integration
    • RMAs / Returns / In-warranty Repairs handling & processing
    • Virtual SKUs
  • Administration & Management
    • Multi-faceted authorization and permissions module
    • API tokens for authenticating with your clients