Your silent partner in IT asset disposition and recovery

Superior reverse logistics services for VARS and MSPs

Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) supply the products, services, and management expertise that form the backbone of modern IT organizations. As VARS and MSPs equip top businesses with the best technology, they are in the unique position of deciding what assets enter an organization and what assets exit. Akooba is here to assist with the IT asset disposition process as a silent partner with a worldwide e-waste recycling network. Our services allow service providers to continue offering competitive prices while satisfying their client’s IT asset disposition requirements.

Akooba takes a consultative approach to deliver global services through its partner network in order to provide recoveries for resellable equipment. Additionally, our high-end data destruction services include forensics grade data erasure, onsite hard drive shredding, and plant based hard drive shredding, powered by our VisiShred technology. Akooba is also able to wipe media-containing devices when requested.

As part of our Akooba Global e-Waste Network (GEM) program, we can deliver our services worldwide, even if we do not have facilities where material is located. We work within a close network of partners to leverage our wholesale pricing and knowledge of e-waste values. Between this and our secondary market expertise, we ensure our partners generate top recovery rates with a cost at or below market.

Furthermore, Akooba is able to enhance these offerings through our technology development that includes our custom built asset tracking software, our VisiShred system for Video Certificates of Destruction, and a novel data risk profile database that identifies and documents the type of data containing devices found in particular types of assets.

To generate top-level asset recovery, we are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, able to add Windows operating systems to IT units that we then remarket and resell. We also have deep connections within the wholesale market that allows us to maximize the value on end-of-life IT assets for our clientele. In addition to our wholesale channels, IT assets may also be sold through our consumer e-commerce channels, including our own website as well as our stores on Amazon and eBay. We use our top level industry knowledge to establish the best course of action for each asset.


  • IT Asset Recovery and Recycling

    Solutions for service providers that allow customers to see a significant return on investments for excess or obsolete IT assets.

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  • Data Destruction

    Full data destruction services that include data wiping, onsite and offsite shredding, pulverizing and degaussing.

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  • IT Asset Management

    Technology-powered services that provide correct serialization and documentation of electronic assets.

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  • IT Asset Disposition

    Disposition strategies for obsolete or retired IT Assets that includes removal of sensitive data.

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  • Electronics Recycling

    Full service electronic recycling solutions that properly dispose of electronic materials without harming the environment.

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  • Akooba GEM Program

    e-Waste solutions managed globally through a network of industry trusted partners and consultants.

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