High Quality Refurbished Computers and Other Electronics

Take advantage of our multichannel sales approach to maximize the value in your used electronics.

At Akooba, we want to be your partner in maximizing the value of your used electronics products. Of course, not every electronic asset has true resale value. However, for the resaleable products in your inventory, it is our mission to help you obtain the maximum value. We accomplish this through a multichannel sales approach. By selling across multiple channels, including direct end-user sales via e-commerce, sales to retailers, and wholesale sales through our private networks, we are able to achieve superior returns on each device processed through the Akooba Platform.

The Akooba Platform, powered by our proprietary technology, facilitates sorting and handling efficiency by tracking and analyzing the flow of materials through the refurbishment process. The system automatically generates reports, allowing our customers to have complete transparency into the flow of their material. Customers are able to see every process taken to improve their electronic asset, the sales channel through which the product is sold, and the total value that is recovered. Akooba works with IT Asset Disposition companies to deliver superior recoveries for IT Assets and introduce new revenue streams that exceed the scrap value of a product: It’s our Better than Scrap Guarantee!

For those customers who would like their inventory to stay within their own facilities, we offer Virtual Fulfillment services. By sharing lists of inventory with us, we are able to remarket your electronic assets virtually, allowing customers to utilize our multi-channel sales markets without moving their inventory. The software powering the Akooba Platform tracks and supports these processes while providing the same transparent reporting on the final sale of each item in the system.


  • IT Asset Recovery and Recycling

    Solutions for service providers that allow customers to see a significant return on investments for excess or obsolete IT assets.

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  • VisiShred

    VisiShred documents and creates HD videos of electronic assets as they are destroyed.

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  • Barcauto

    Barcauto automatically identifies and documents IT assets from a single scan of an asset’s serial number.

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