Secure, reliable, verifiable product destruction designed to protect the intellectual property of Original Equipment Manufacturers

Secure, Reliable, Verifiable product destruction

Secure, Reliable, Verifiable™ Services for the Management of Surplus, Excess, and Obsolete OEM Products

At Akooba, we understand each Original Equipment Manufacturer has its own set of unique challenges when managing their surplus products or recycling their e-waste. Whether protecting proprietary or IP data or complying with different state or federal laws, Akooba stands ready to provide your company with the right set of services that both protect and provide new resources for your company moving forward.


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Product/Data Destruction

Our secure, AAA-NAID certified destruction facility, located in Annapolis Maryland, is dedicated entirely for product and data destruction. When protecting a company’s data, we ensure shredded hard drives and products are entirely unrecoverable. Additional data destruction methods, such as degaussing and disintegration, are available upon request.

Akooba has also developed a proprietary technology called VisiShred that documents and records HD videos of products or hard drives as they are destroyed. This allows a company to take part in virtual witness shredding anywhere in the world. Reports containing the videos of destruction are automatically uploaded and made available into your company’s private portal, allowing you to access the videos at your convenience and share them when needed.

Transparent Reporting

Whether destroying or repurposing an asset, Akooba regards transparency through reporting as a top priority endeavor. Customers of Akooba receive a corresponding document through each step of their material’s process, including Receiving Acknowledgements, Certificates of Recycling, Certificates of Destruction, and Settlement Reports. Akooba also provides witness destruction at our Annapolis Facility, where a client can come and see their assets destroyed first hand.

Electronics Recycling

Taking into account Federal and State regulations, Akooba provides safe and responsible recycling services across the continental United States, including Universal Waste management. In an effort to cut down on the environmentally damaging materials that contribute to the degradation of our environment, Akooba proudly commits to a zero-landfill policy, which can be read by clicking here. In some situations where other electronic recyclers might send materials to landfills, Akooba works with specialized partners to recycle unique materials when the situation dictates such a necessity.

Value Recovery

When allowed by our client, Akooba can repurpose and remarket IT assets. Akooba utilizes a multichannel sales approach where the value of an asset is maximized by selling directly to end users, retailers, and private wholesale networks. When necessary, we are also able to move products into alternative markets as to not compete with the OEM. Clients who take advantage of our Asset Recovery services share in competitive revenue splits, introducing new value to otherwise retired IT assets. Akooba can also harvest materials for parts or consumables while destroying the serialized, whole product.


  • Data Destruction

    Full data destruction services that include data wiping, onsite and offsite shredding, pulverizing and degaussing.

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    Disposition strategies for obsolete or retired IT Assets that includes removal of sensitive data.

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  • Electronics Recycling

    Full service electronic recycling solutions that properly dispose of electronic materials without harming the environment.

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