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A New Era in Data Destruction

As a fellow NAID member and data destruction service provider, we understand the challenges facing our industry today. With the rate and costs of data breaches on the rise, regulations are tightening and the lists of customer requirements are growing. That is why we are developing new technologies to meet the growing demands of tomorrow’s issues today.

One such example is our VisiShred Technology, which documents and creates high definition videos of IT assets as they are destroyed. Launched in early 2016, VisiShred has been transforming the level of documentation service providers offer to their clients worldwide. VisiShred is available to all service providers today and can be used to meet the strictest of documentation needs for the most regulated of clients.

Akooba provides further value to customers through our IT Asset Recovery and Recycling (ITARR) program, where we work with data destruction companies to restore their collected IT assets to OEM standards and find them a new home through our wholesale and B2C channels. Akooba employs a multi-channel sales approach that utilizes consumer e-commerce platforms and wholesale networks.

To generate top-level asset recovery, we are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, able to add Windows operating systems to IT units that we then remarket and resell. As a result of working through Akooba’s ITARR program, data destruction companies can see a significant return on investment through a competitive split on revenue for all IT assets that are resold.


  • IT Asset Recovery and Recycling

    Solutions for service providers that allow customers to see a significant return on investments for excess or obsolete IT assets.

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  • VisiShred

    VisiShred documents and creates HD videos of electronic assets as they are destroyed.

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  • Barcauto

    Barcauto automatically identifies and documents IT assets from a single scan of an asset’s serial number.

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