Data Centers

A full range of IT Asset Management and Disposition Services tailored to Data Centers
Data Centers

Secure, reliable, and verifiable asset disposition strategies for data centers

Since its foundation, Akooba has worked directly with prominent data centers to remove obsolete and end-of-life IT hardware. We understand the monumental risk aligned with IT hardware, particularly at the end-of-life stages for data center equipment. To ensure we meet the highest standard in asset management services for data centers, Akooba works within a global partnership network to provide:

  • Onsite hard drive shredding
  • Onsite data erasure
  • Packaging and data center teardown
  • Full asset recovery and electronics recycling

Akooba has trained project managers available to oversee projects anywhere in the world. Our data destruction services are powered by VisiShred, our unique technology that documents and creates HD videos of data-storing devices as they are destroyed.

Akooba takes a consultative approach to deliver global services through its partner network in order to provide recoveries for resellable equipment. Data centers receive a competitive split on these assets, which can often cover the expenses of other Akooba services.

Additionally, our high-end data destruction services include forensics grade data erasure, onsite hard drive shredding, and plant based hard drive shredding, powered by our VisiShred technology. Akooba is also able to wipe media-containing devices when requested.


  • Data Destruction

    Full data destruction services that include data wiping, onsite and offsite shredding, pulverizing and degaussing.

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  • IT Asset Disposition

    Technology-powered services that provide correct serialization and documentation of electronic assets.

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  • IT Asset Disposition

    Disposition strategies for obsolete or retired IT Assets that includes removal of sensitive data.

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  • Electronics Recycling

    Full service electronic recycling solutions that properly dispose of electronic materials without harming the environment.

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