GeekFurb® is the online marketplace through which Akooba provides customers with high-quality refurbished electronics at an affordable price. Consumers are able to buy GeekFurb® refurbished products through and its online stores at Amazon and eBay.

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GeekFurb® is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, allowing Akooba to add Microsoft OS to every windows computer that it sells. Each windows computer comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that verifies a genuine installation of the Windows OS.

All refurbished computers must pass a comprehensive testing process to ensure they function at the standards set forth by the original electronic manufacturer. All refurbished computers undergo a data wiping process that meets and exceeds the industry standard NIST 800-88 level of data erasure.

The majority of  GeekFurb® hardware is also backed by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty does not extend to the performance of batteries or software.

To learn more about GeekFurb®, please visit the GeekFurb® store.