Visually Assured Data Destruction
VisiShred - Visually Assured Data Destruction

Introducing the VisiShred Process for Verifiable Data Destruction

VisiShred is our proprietary system that documents and creates high definition video of IT assets as they are destroyed. Through its chain of custody documentation and Video Certificate of Destruction, VisiShred goes above and beyond to set a new standard in satisfying reporting requirements for internal and external audits. Videos of an IT asset's destruction are immediately uploaded onto the web where they can be viewed and shared through the VisiShred cloud-based portal. VisiShred is also available for paper shredders.

The VisiShred system consists of both hardware and software-based components. VisiShred has been designed to easily install on both plant-based and mobile shredders without affecting the integrity of a machine. Once installed, use of VisiShred is optional, meaning that, as needed, a service provider can shred a drive without using the system.

Consolidate and Safely Transport Media-storing devices with Secure Shell

Secure Shell is our unique solution for remote offices. Using Secure Shell allows organizations to securely consolidate their drives without any missteps during the transportation process. The Secure Shell is a hard plastic container specifically designed for sending a hard drive, cell phones without batteries, or other small electronic device containing sensitive data to a VisiShred facility for destruction. Special closures in each corner prevent re-opening without showing obvious signs of tampering.

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