Meet Akooba, Inc.

Fully operational since 2015, Akooba, Inc. was founded with the belief that using software development and top-notch industry experience could positively change the IT asset disposition and data destruction industries. With this in mind, we aim to provide environmentally responsible solutions for enterprises and service providers to improve upon current practices and meet upon the growing reverse logistics needs of the 21st century

We are a full service shop, providing the aforementioned services to businesses and enterprises across the Mid-Atlantic region. Additionally, Akooba creates technologies that it uses both internally and licenses to other organizations. These technologies allows IT asset disposition processes to become more affordable, efficient, and easy-to-use for enterprise clients.

A letter from our CEO

Akooba, Inc. is a company built on technology, continuous improvement, and a strong culture. The electronic recycling industry has too long been focused on its recycling roots, seeking to extract value through the recovery of metals. Akooba’s philosophy of technology use focuses on the opportunities created by extending devices’ lives and reuse. We believe that through technology, we achieve breakthroughs and disruptions in how industries operate. Reuse is the highest form of recycling. By giving a device a longer life, you are providing the highest environmental benefit of all available choices.

There are a number of technical innovations we want to develop supporting different aspects of how companies operate their supply chains. We are focused on surplus and excess assets, primarily IT units. The business processes involved in retiring old equipment involve a number of detailed steps. Our focus is on automating repetitive tasks and making data driven decisions about the equipment we handle. This technology enables us to maximize the value of a product stream we receive and minimize costs in handling liabilities.

Surplus and excess electronics are growing rapidly as life cycles for products shrink down. These items represent the fastest growing portion of the global waste stream. Society spends trillions of dollars and huge efforts to create these products. These items still have lifespan and value, and, through repurposing them, millions of people can gain access to technology and the world at large. Used electronics are a valuable bridge builder to people in poverty because of their low cost, yet high reliability.

At Akooba, our culture is driven by individuals who ask questions, innovate, and follow through on our commitments. We are disciplined in how we approach our every day works and processes, building continuous improvements that create opportunity for creativity to flourish. As a company with both operational and technical development, our culture embraces the differences of those environments and emphasizes what is relevant to our entire team. Technology and lean enable us to move quickly from strong ideas to concepts we can test, with the polishing and improvement worked in over time.

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of how Akooba operates. Small, incremental improvements lead to monumental impacts when built on top of each other. Our focus on continuous improvement integrated with data and software systems creates huge efficiencies in how we process materials. These efficiencies create higher yields for the products we sell, lower the costs in processing, and improve the safeguards around handling critical and confidential data.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions. Follow us online as we generate useful material frequently.

Keep Recycling,
Matthew Young
Chief Executive Officer